You Are The Source Of Love

There is a lot of ideas, books, and people who tell you about what love is and how you are supposed to do it. I want to make it simple. There is only one realm of love that has life changing and earth moving qualities. This realm is known as Transcendent Love and we all get it, including you. It is the realm that I help my clients find; once they do, they never accept anything less. It is where your heart and soul live. This is the love that draws Soulmates together, the love parents have for their offspring, and the love that people feel when they have found a passion that ignites their hearts.   


Not everything we are exposed to supports you in attracting this soul-satisfying type of love. You could be buying into ideas of "love" that aren't serving you or anyone around you. I see so many quotes in our media and online about love that teach people, sometimes in a sneaky way, terrible ideas about love. Here is a recent quote that is circulating:

"A man expects a woman to be an angel in his life. He must first create a heaven for her. Angels don't live in hell."

This quote describes a man and woman in a codependent relationship and that does not reflect the qualities of "Transcendent Soulmate Love." This relationship requires the man to create or be something for the women in order for her to be an angel. It is a lot of pressure on the man. Also, it is limiting for the woman to be an angel all of the time. They can not be each others source for love if they are to have anything resembling a heaven at home. Transcendent Love comes without conditions and the depths of human beings are infinite. Men and women can be angels, warriors, homemakers, ragga-muffins, hermits, lovers, or whatever we want, whenever we want! 

Let's get something out of the way.  It doesn't matter who you are, how you identify, your age, or color.

You are your own source of love, always. The quality of your life is your responsibility, always.

No one else will ever be the source of your happiness, ever. You create excitement and beauty in your life and as you do this, you discover the deeper parts of yourself.  You create heaven for yourself and continue to expand, gloriously.  Once more, you get to celebrate yourself whenever you want. You never need a partner for that.

When you love yourself more, the Universe always agrees and brings more love into your life.

When you meet with more love because of practicing love, you won't be expecting your partner to make a heaven or a home for you.  It will naturally happen as a result of you coming together in a perfect way. 

I am offering a rephrasing of this quote.

"Someone finds deep love within themselves, they will no doubt attract another whose love is aligned with their own. The heaven they create together is birthed from the discovery and exploration of themselves and each other."

Go ahead and  rephrase quotes and messages that come to you so that they reflect the type of love you want in your life. It doesn't have to be eloquent or perfect. You are the source of your own happiness and love and every moment is an opportunity to create that.

-Blessings to your Journey, Alexandra Loves

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