Secret Love. Should I tell her (him)?

I have been in love with the same girl FOREVER. I mean forever and I don't know what to do?! What if she doesn't love me back?

Dear Love Bird,

  You are worthy of the greatest love this world has to offer. It is time to get more in your life. When you pine after someone for weeks and months (I have one person in my practice that did this for YEARS before they came to me) you are delaying something beautiful. There is no way to tell what the beautiful thing is but you are definitely delaying your love.

Here are some scenarios. 

You tell her and:

She feels the same way. 
The beautiful thing- You start your partnership together. Violins play.

She doesn't know how to feel.
The beautiful thing-  She is considering it, you are now released from this big secret, she may or may not come around. If anything she will be flattered that someone was attracted to the point of love.

She harshly rejects you.
The beautiful thing - You are free and the Universe has acted on your behalf. It has protected you from a partnership with someone that would not love you the way you are worthy of.

The question is can you survive any of these scenarios? Will you curl up and die if you don't end up with her?  I think not. I think you have a loving heart and you will go  We all have a great capacity to love passionately. If the one you want right now is not who you were meant to be with, then get ready because there is someone waiting for you that will evoke this height of passionate love in you AND will have a similar capacity to love back with the same passion.

By not telling this woman, you are delaying the greatest love in your life, whether it be her or someone else.  

You can do this. You will survive.  Your love is valuable. You are worthy. The Universe is on your side.

You get love. Yes, you.

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