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Second Chances?

What warrants a second chance in a relationship?

Dear Love Bird,

    What do you want? How do you want your ideal relationship to look? How can you feel worthy of what you want?  I can tell you that you are worthy of the very best love, Anonymous. When you can answer these questions for yourself clearly and feel grounded in them, then the answer to your question will be clear as day.

    I worked with a client, let's call him"Jim," who had this same question. Jim had dated "Diana"  for 8 months and she broke it off with him out of the blue. He was destroyed because he was so in love with her and ready to get married. 

    So we worked together to heal  him from his broken heart. A lot of the healing had to do with, releasing Diana. Releasing someone you are in limbo with, stuck on, or hurt by is one of the most important things you can do so that you can move on and answer the questions I asked above with a clear and peaceful mind. 

    Once he released her, we got to work on answering those questions. Jim developed confidence and a healthy sense of worthiness by finally, for the first time in his life, getting clear on what he wanted. After some time, out of the clear blue sky, Diana came back into his life and was interested in this new confident Jim. Then he asked this same question that you are asking now, Anonymous.  Jim, confident about what his heart wanted, ended up not rekindling anything with Diana. He went on to  date only 2 more woman after this. The second is now is wife and babies are happening. He told me that, for the first time, he was in a relationship with no doubts or hesitations.

    In short, Anonymous, get clear on everything you want. Then when you are faced with questions like this, the answers will be crystal clear and you will save yourself and someone else from heartache. Perhaps this person is who you were meant to be with. Make the answer simple for yourself by releasing them, getting clear on what you want, then ask the question again. If you were meant to be together, nothing, not even a little time will keep you from your journey together.

-Alexandra Loves


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