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Where is he (she)?

So love birds, you are free of past loves and old relationships, you know who you want, you know the relationship you want, and you have felt the benefits of the deep and powerful Soul Call.

"So where is he, where are the signs that I am on my way?"

There will be signs. The Universe will send you signs frequently. You must be open and eager to the unexpected.

Be mindful because though the signs are abundant, they might not be what you expect. 

Lucy was ready to find her love. She focussed in on what she wanted through journaling, meditating, positive affirmations, and some soul searching. She knew her love was close and got very excited about the idea of sharing her journey with him. She looked for  signs that she thought SHOULD be there. She thought that  the signs would include lot's of men to flirt with her, seek out her time, and asking her on dates.  When these SPECIFIC things didn't happen she got discouraged. She was heart broken and thought it meant that she was mucking it all up somehow and getting further away from him.


She was looking for signs of love in the wrong places and causing herself avoidable heartache. She finally came around to understanding that if she stayed open and hopeful, she would see clear signs that would lead her to her love. She did find her love! The signs she witnessed on the way to him were not what she expected. Once she met him, she realized that there were signs in abundance that were specific to her one and only.  

You may experience a lot flirting and dating as you open up to love but it is not the only way and certainly not what everyone experiences. You might hear songs, see sayings on billboards, maybe even notice common physical features frequently in other people that are liken to the love you are on your way to. We are all on the same path to love but the journey will be different.

Stay open and expect great things , love birds. 

You are loved. Yes, you.