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Perhaps you want what they have. Perhaps you get that feeling of adrenaline/fear/loathing/annoyance when you see a display of affection or someone's wedding pictures. The jealousy might grow so big it makes your body rigid or it makes you grit your teeth.

Jealousy is simply a feeling that you can not or do not have what someone else does. It is your current belief system that holds you back from having the very thing that is causing these ill feelings.

Let's break that belief system down, lovelies.

Follow these steps when you get jealous:

1. Acknowledge out loud what is happening in your head and in your body. Be thankful for it because it is an indicator of something you need to work on. 

"I am jealous and I am grinding my teeth." or "I am jealous and it is making me think terrible thoughts about this person." and "I know this means I have some work to do here."

2. Ask yourself if you really want to feel that way. 

"Is this how I want to feel?" ( I promise the answer is "no.")

3. Set a clear intention that you will find better ways to deal with this.

" I will find help to deal with these emotions." or "This can not go on, I will change this."

4. Distract yourself from this whole subject with something that focuses you positively. Go watch a fun movie, meditate, take a run, or hang out with a great friend. You can not fix the jealousy when you are in the negative depths of it.

5. Once you find peace and contentment, then start laying your path:

Lay out the situation that caused you to feel jealousy in an objective way. Meditate on appreciation and celebrate the thing you believe you could not have that started the jealousy in the first place. Find examples that represent what you want and celebrate them, vision board them, or seek them out often. Find joyous and happy feelings and carry them for as long as possible. Journal about the beautiful things surrounding what you want. Practice these things often. Practice everyday.

Do these thing sand the next time your jealousy is triggered, you will find that the intensity of your jealousy is less, maybe by just a little or maybe a lot. Keep practicing, you will find that , one day,  in the moment you notice that someone has what you want, you will be excited, you will praise, you will attract that same thing to you!

You can have what you want. Get started now.

-Unity in Love-