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Love is Hard....

Why am I still single? Finding Love is so hard.

Hello Love Bird,

  Being single in this day and age is something many find daunting. It does not have to be; it can actually be quite fun and creative. Your age, appearance, lifestyle, or past matters not.

You get love no matter what.

In some ways you have a nice advantage for yourself. You are still in a place where you can look around and pick the qualities you would like to see in your One and your future relationship.  

YOUR ONE!  Yes I said it. Your Soulmate, your puzzle piece, your Twin Soul, your Lobster.

When you come together with this person, all of the lamenting over your singledom will seem like a distant memory, if you remember at all. 

The key is to focus on what you want and feel good right now so that you can continue to gain momentum towards the very thing you want. You are capable and worthy.
It is not hard, just a little scary to believe something new. Then it gets less scary and less, then you open up, then they show up.

You get love. Yes, You.


-Alexandra Loves