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Business And Work

This consultation is for those who are just starting to create their business or work. If you are just starting to incorporate the following into your business, you are in the right place:

General Notes For Clarity And Flow For Success In: Classes, Clients,Speaking, Recruiting, Maintaining Business,Working Local And/Or Online Communities

Offers, Classes, Online Classes (structure/implementation), Making Lesson Plans

Getting Clients, Handling Prospects, Recruiting, Getting And Handling Partners In Your Ventures, Facilitating Groups

Niche, Marketing, Pricing Yourself, Clear Messaging, Confidence In Messaging, Tips On Protecting Yourself, Basic Understanding Of Social Media

Time Blocking, Work-Life Balance, Networking, Standards And Boundaries

To achieve the success that I, my clients, and followers benefit from today, I went through years of working, reworking, tweaking, and making a lot of mistakes in my business. I have spent countless hours and resources to learn how to create success within my business.

Achieving clarity in my passion and purpose and sharing it has been one of the great pleasures in this life.

Getting your message out and/or creating a successful business is a marathon. The processes of learning and refining is necessary.

It is important that how I work is in alignment with who I am, my purpose, and passion.

This consultation is an opportunity to get my eyes and expertise on what you are creating. If you are looking for support on the above mentioned aspects of your work or just want my eyes for tips and help to get you where you want to be, this is the consultation for you.

What to expect:

A laser focused session on any material you send me and/or questions you may have. I look at your material during the session.

Direct feedback, no nonsense.

Results driven.

Focus on creating based solely YOUR intentions for this work.

Insider tips and tricks, if they apply, that are not always readily available, without investing in big programs.

We work from where you are. Feedback, steps, actions to take will be the NEXT STEPS you can solidly take NOW.

THIS IS AN AUDIO/VIDEO RECORDED SESSION for your benefit, if you are comfortable with it. There is an option to just call in and receive an audio recording instead.

  • You will receive a copy of the recording to download (I do not keep them for myself.)

  • I will screen share with you, if applicable, to support notes and feedback.

  • The recording will continue to serve your growth for months afterward.

Let’s get started now, I am excited to Consult on growing your work with you!

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If you have a specific question and you remain unsure if I can help you, please ask here and I will let you know if we could be a good fit.

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