Complete Soulmate Magnetization


Week 9 Affirmation

Say it out loud whenever you can, write it on your mirror or in your journal.

"I am creating my world for love!"


This is our last week! A schedule will be posted for tomrrow.

What You Need:

1. A telephone.

2. Access to a computer to listen/download to the recordings each week. Live Chat happens on Skype.

3. A journal or a secure file on your computer. You will to dedicate a place to take notes and to do homework from this course. 

How It Works:

Live Weekly Classes:  Every week we cover the steps designed to open you to Soulmate Love. The practices and techniques you will learn are tried and true and they have gotten thousands to their Soulmates.  Many like to download the recordings on a portable listening device.  

Weekly Surveys: This class is designed for you! Make the most of it by filling out the survey once a week (when it is possible). Your feedback will enhance your growth. Surveys will come to you by email.

Techniques and Practices/Support Material: Given at the end of every class.

Bonuses: Oh yes, you get bonuses and when they come up, they will be indicated on "The Course" page.


What Do I Get?

Invite a friend who joins the class and each of you get $25 off of the class. Good for up to 2 friends meaning $50 off of your course!


You and your friend enroll and send us a quick message with both of your names. Let us know at