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Let's get real, you are a Goddess, a Queen, a Divine Being of this Universe. You have been given a vessel to be on this journey and when that vessel is out of balance, your ability to live vibrantly is compromised.


Clean eating is your grounding for a vibrant life. 


I have been blessed to partner with a company whose values and practices align with my own. At every level of this company I have found integrity, healing, and high vibrations.  These products have transformed countless lives as well as saving my own. 

My Health Story

  For those of you who did not see this before, now you know why I speak so emphatically about this cleanse transformation. I live a PAIN-FREE lifestyle now!!!

First of all, for the first time since I was a kid, I am starting to love being in this body. LOVE IT! LOVE MY BODY!
Before I added more super foods in my life through Purium I could not get through the day without a nap. Literally at 2 pm ish every day, if I did not sleep, I felt like I was moving through molasses. I had CHRONIC PAIN due to inflammation in my cervical spine from an old accident. I felt uncomfortable from the SEVERE BLOATING that never really subsided throughout the day It wasn't even fun to dress myself every day because NOTING WAS COMFORTABLE.
- I had inflamed weight that was gathering in my lower abdomen, backside, and ever growing love handles
- I was uncomfortable all of the time.
- I would cringe at my swollen face in pictures.
- I had serious cravings for food stuff that I knew was not good for me all of the time, ALL OF THE TIME! (Ice cream and fried Vietnamese crispy rolls had their hold on me.)
- I was always hungry all of the time.

I started to see doctors over the last ten years as these problems increased. I saw western doctors, ayurvedic doctors, Chinese medicine, and ayurvedic practitioners. I spend TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on herbs, sessions, therapies, and specialized food items. I was struggling to find the time to pre-prepare all of the food I needed in a week. I could not afford to eat high-quality greens, fruits, and meats at the level I was being asked. Also, I COULDN’T AFFORD IT. Though I am grateful for all of those practitioners, I simply struggled for too long with temporary results.
Enter Purium. I did a ten day cleanse with Purium and then followed up with 30 days with Core 3 (Powershake/Aminos/Apothecherry.)
My results are far beyond anything that I have every tried before
-inflammation that has plagued my spine for years VANISHED - My saddle bags and tummy melted away
- My skin started to hug my body. (I am 15 lbs down and still dropping.)
- My metabolism shot through the roof.
- I have no food cravings
- I was overwhelmed with the feeling of " I deserve this!"
- I am more CONFIDENT and connect with people better
- I sleep like a baby and I NEVER NEED NAPS
- I even tried to nap for a couple of days because of a decade of needing to.
- My skin is bright and rosy
- My hair is developing a luster that I didn't know possible
THANK YOU. I am so grateful to love my body again. I look forward to more awesomeness in my body

oming Soon


Now we can come back to our roots with pure, premium, bioavailable, farm fresh, super foods.

No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, binders, fillers, hormones, pesticides, irradiated or genetically-modified ingredients.


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It is my honor to sUpport your health journey.

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