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Sister, Queen, Goddess... 

I am going to get really real with you right now.

The Juicy Love Life is for you if are willing and ready to experience love by being fully yourself. 

Ok, Let's Talk,

Are you becoming a master of UNREQUITED LOVE? 

How many partners have run away or just up and disappeared?

Have you dated someone who was DEFINITELY DIFFERENT than the others and then it turned out to be the SAME DEVASTATING EXPERIENCE?

Are you suffering from the plague of OVER GIVING?

Loneliness, fear, betrayal, doubt, all of these have no place in your love life, yet... there they may be, pulling us into desperation cycle in our dating life and possibly settling for far less.


SISTER, Receive This:


Partners that unlock the Goddess within you at every turn.

Experiencing pleasure depths with partners that change you on a spiritual level.

Finding your highest most vibrant self who is invincible and can do anything because of what has opened up from experiencing NOURISHING PARTNERSHIP.


Partners who respect women, honor relationships, know what they want, and act nobly.

You can create everything you want by being you.

It's real.

This is why "Juicy Love Life," exists.

Women, In This Course,

It will feel like your magic is returning.

You will experience synchronicity that brings you great joy.

You will be excited about dating.

You will watch your love life transform in a very short period of time.

The techniques and adjustments are simple.

We will hold you accountable to you.

These changes are lasting.

This is the very stuff that Soulmates come from.  


Oh Yes And,

We are building a Safety Net in your love life.

We are becoming immune to rejection.

Putting an end to relationships that go nowhere.

You will be fully in touch with your Emotional Guidance System... which is never wrong.


Enroll Today

 This Deal Is Sweet And Unlikely To Ever Come Again.

How we do this:

-November 12th to December 10th

- There are 5 regular Sunday Live ONLINE Classes at 10:30 am PST (1hr long) via the zoom app.

(Classes are recorded and we will have one evening class on November 26th)

-FACEBOOK GROUP is designed to support your easy immersion in this transformation. 

-Group Celebrations

-Support Materials

*BONUS. Weekly Coaching and Q&A within the Juicy Love Life private Facebook group.

*BONUS. Releasing Old Loves Ceremony (live and recorded.)  DATE TBA Week 2

*BONUS. Using Command Form Manifestations (live and recorded.) DATE TBA Week 4







Alexandra Lewis was a life saver for me!  She coached me through some of my most difficult issues and she did it with love and authentic connection. I really felt like Alexandra "got me" and was able to help me navigate my limiting beliefs because she herself has done the work.


 I love her energy and her passion for the work she does.  It's rare to find someone who comes from such a heart centered place and knows her stuff! So grateful she came into my life! 

-Michele Elder, Portland Oregon.