Shine Your Unique Light

This is a recording of a live class format.

I taught this live series when I was traveling cross country, it was a fun time in my life! The class was called "The  Soulmate Magnetization Program"... I know, long name. It was based on my mentors work from her best selling book "Love Will Find You.

In this Course I reveal the nine famous magnets that have brought thousands of Soulmates together. The program in entirety with all 9 magnets exist on my website in "THE Magic School Of Love"  The button below will take you there. The course is now known as "Love Life Transformation"


(I start speaking at minute marker 3:35)


Shine Your Unique Light

(So your soulmate can see you!)


1.  What do you want?

(None of these things are too trivial and you don't have to make excuses for what you like and what you don't like.)

What do you want?   What will make you happy?   What feels good? What don't I like?  

Make a list of your interests and preferences. 

2. Explore

What do I think of my appearance? What is my personality like: outgoing, quiet,  funny, serious, etc?

What do I do well?  What do I wish I could do?   Do you enjoy learning?

What book did I read last?   When do I feel sexy?   Do I play by the rules or do I stretch them?

How do I relate to others? And my good listener? Am I a good storyteller?

 Do I feel comfortable with others quickly or does it take time for me to warm up to them?

3. Accept, Release, Notice, Forgive

Accept yourself and  remember that there are so many ways to answer any of these questions and people who have similar answers have found love and enjoy the full lives.

 Release any judgments as they come up.

Notice when you're judging yourself and write it down. Ask yourself where the voice of judgment actually came from right down your answer.

Forgive yourself for the judgment say it out loud "I forgive myself for judging myself negatively." Give yourself some understanding for whatever it is that you're judging it doesn't make you a bad person and you were human just like everyone else. Affirm: "I am where the imperfections and all."

In the recording I talk about a blog post I did on Jealousy. Here it is for easy reference.