Alexandra is a great listener. She has helped me through some difficult, challenging and lonely times when I was trying to figure out what I wanted out of life and love. She allows you the time to vent and then guides you through active problem solving and visioning. Talking to her makes me feel relieved and like I have a clear direction. I'm married to the love of my life and we're about to celebrate our two year anniversary! - Geneviev De Mahy, Maryland


I consider myself an outgoing person who wears her heart on her sleeve and is ready for all life has to throw her way. Life has many love obstacles. Many times that heart is misunderstood, misread, ignored, threatened, or envied. Through my talks with Alexandra during my journey to find that right kind of love and self-love in relationships, I have given that heart a stronger, clearer beat; a beat now in sync with the love of my life. - Jennifer Manke, Puerto Rico


This work helped me to be accepting of who I am. I love it that my soulmate is my favorite dance partner. Alexandra will guide you to receive the love you want. -Marjorie Taylor, Oregon


Alexandra continues to be a solid & positive energy support in my life, helping me discover and navigate through difficult challenges I have faced with my health and my belief systems. Her powerful strategies and warm energy (that draws you in ) paired with excellent asking & listening skills, allows her to intuitively get to the root of the situation.   As long as you're committed to do the work it requires, I trust whole heartedly that Alexandra is a powerful mentor and asset in ones life.  Thank you for helping me leave a life of fear and live a life of passion. Now I have a beautiful life with my Soulmate.  - Melissa Dacre, B.C.

  It is no exaggeration to say that I would never have gotten to where I am today without Alexandra's help.  In 2010, I was working at a dead-end job and in a relationship that can only be described as dysfunctional at best.  I spent many long hours trying to convince myself, and anyone else who would listen, that I was happy and could make my toxic relationship work.  I thought things would change; I thought that I could make everything better if I just worked hard enough.  Alexandra helped me to see that the change had to start within myself.  With Alexandra's help I realized that I had to first learn to love myself and to understand my worth, only then would I really know what I wanted in a life partner.  Today, I am proud to say that with Alexandra's support and guidance I have found a loving partner with whom I have built a fulfilling relationship that I pray will last the rest of my life.  I owe Alexandra my everlasting gratitude and I only hope more people will discover everything that Alexandra Loves, LLC, Certified Love Attraction Coaching as to offer.- Bradley Mark Cowan, Esq., Texas


Alexandra has a huge heart and is wise beyond her years. I feel she holds a high vision for me and my love life and wants the very best for me. In our talks, she is prepared and thorough. She has raised me to a new level of what I expect for myself. - Angela Carlson, Oregon

Alexandra possesses a refined and perceptive intuition. She carries a deep wisdom, a sensitivity to others, and an infectious confidence that make her truly a rare treasure. I have found that her guidance to be consistently astute and fertile; her words frequently bring my life into sharper focus. -Jenna Reback, California


Alexandra is a seeker. Especially when it comes to love and loving. She has seen the importance in that for a long time with a clarity most don’t ever achieve. - Clay Pruitt, California

Alexandra has been through all things love with me. From young love to the crazy, sexy dating scene. From learning what I want in a life partner to nursing a broken heart, picking up the pieces and once again putting my heart out there. She has been there when my heart has been torn and conflicted and confused. She was with me still when I found the love of my life. Yes, Alexandra has been there through it all; listening and sharing experiences, giving support, love and clarity, as well as her guidance on this all organic, winding, crazy love path of mine. It is a road that never ends and I am glad to have such a gifted soul along for my ride. My soul mate and I thank you Alexandra for all your love and support!

Alexandra has an uncanny knack for helping me see my inner strengths. She has always helped me see that I already possessed the strength needed to not only sort out the correct course of action, but to actually accomplish moving through my problem toward success and betterment.  Her words are always caring and compassionate and, out of everything, refreshing.  I enjoy speaking with Alexandra for many reasons, but when I feel defeated, it is her intuition to help me to see my true power and self that I truly cherish. -John Barren, Colorado