SISTER, Goddess, Divine one, I can not wait to get started with you...



Let's play!

Read these statements,

 I am worthy of everything I desire; this was, is and will always be true.

I create anything I want. Sister, I Am a MANIFESTOR. 

I am abundantly prosperous. I pull money out of the very air I breathe.

I am leader in my life and I command my own magic.

I live in the juicy splendor of synchronistic miracles everyday.

My dreams are reality.

My relationships nourish me everyday. I am surrounded by extraordinary people.


Now answer for yourself, 

Do I feel these things?

Does my life align with these statements of abundance?

Am I worthy?


Tell me this,

How long have you been waiting to align with your dreams?

Who do you want to be in this life?

Can you believe that your transformation will bring you all of the above?


The Universe is forever telling us, that now is the time. I promise, it is worth committing to glorious you.

“Alexandra continues to be a solid & positive energy support in my life, helping me discover and navigate through difficult challenges I have faced with my health and my belief systems. Her powerful strategies and warm energy (that draws you in ) paired with excellent asking & listening skills, allows her to intuitively get to the root of the situation. As long as you’re committed to do the work it requires, I trust whole heartedly that Alexandra is a powerful mentor and asset in ones life. Thank you for helping me leave a life of fear and live a life of passion. Now I have a beautiful life with my Soulmate. Xo” — Melissa Dacre Boardman, Brian Health Practicioner, Ashana Light