Alexandra Loves

"I am here to help you create the life you desire by being exactly who you are.

I help you build a foundation for FREEDOM and catalyze your creation."

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Majestic Jester, Explorer, Entrepreneur, Coach, Friend, Dancer, Lover, Compassion Nurse, Tranquil Bad-Ass, Titles  Stripper (Queen's Duties,) Shapeshifter, Law Of Attraction Commander, Transmuter, Sacred Sister, Seeker


Alexandra Loves guides her tribe  into discovering who they really are and catalyzes their creative power to build their abundant and pleasurable dreams.

The core knowings are:

This Universe is yours.

No person, no thing, can take this away from you.

Your birthright is to create and enjoy this life. 

All of your business is one: Your work, creativity, relationship, wealth, health, and so on.


Alexandra has more than ten years of study of intuitive spirituality. The foundation of her life and teachings are based in the abundant universal fabric of which all of everything is made, aka LOVE. This includes many common and sometimes misunderstood spiritual concepts such as Law of Attraction, Universal Love, and Manifestation.

She is a Certified in Love Attraction Coach™ trained by Kathryn Alice. She is a long time entrepreneur and mentor of women growing their new businesses. 

Additionally, she draws teachings from other tremendous teachers, mentors, and colleagues like Anthony Robins, Danielle Laporte, Stephanie Dawn, Buddhist thought, Goddess Aya, Matt Khan, Sarah Lowe, Lisa Nichols.

"You will know the power of your dreams. You will create an extraordinary life. You will transmute  your pain into gifts. You will command this life. You will inspire others." - Alexandra



" In ways both large and small, my quality of life and overall level of joy have been greatly impacted. She has been a guiding hand and offers many pearls of wisdom in times calm or stormy. Her kind way finely compliments the truth she perceives and the courage to tell you how she sees it. It’s as if she creates a dialogue with what would be the most honest and considerate reflection of yourself. In this way, she inspires me to be my best self, and for it, I will be forever grateful. ” - Ash.R