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Welcome to Command Form Manifestations! This is one of the most powerful tools you can use to manifest your desires powerfully.  First, I invite you to stay connected and in the flow of manifesting with my community and myself. I always post free support, lesson, tools, and content to help you create the life you want by being exactly who you are. In addition to holding classes and guiding my clients, I support my growing community through Facebook and Youtube. Please get connected with these sources now.


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My suggestion is to take advantage of your momentum in enrolling in this class. Do not stall yourself. The Universe likes big decisions and excitement. Set aside an hour and complete these exercises now and you will be manifesting in no time!

This downloadable recording has everything you need to set up your command today. You may take notes if you like and know that it is enough to just listen with purpose and absorb the information. The transcript of this audio is available to you.


Best Ways To Do This Class:

TURN OFF THE MUSIC/FACEBOOK/TV and close any emails or distractions, put your phone on silent, and go to a room without people in it who will interrupt you.  Give yourself this time; make it clear to The Universe that you have come to play and create big.

1. Listen to audio only: The audio will take you through the entire process. I will prompt you to pause within the audio when it is time to write something down.

2. Listen to audio and follow along with the written course online: Download the audio and listen while you follow along with the steps within this class in this class hub.


The point is to move quickly, get it done and start using your Command Form Manifestation as soon as possible.



Go big.

  • There are no limits for this work.

  • Let this be exploration and discovery.

  • Know that nothing bad is going to happen to you if you get big in what you want.


Believe in yourself; suspend your disbelief.

  • Put disbelief aside; it isn’t helping you anyway.

  • No one who worries is helping themselves.


Have fun.

  • We are here to play and discover. Approach this life with the drive and curiosity of a three year old, after all, they are the master manifestors.

  • Seriously, when in doubt about how to create something, watch how a small child does it, take notes, and copy.


Keep Going.

  • This is the most important thing. People get all excited about a new technique that works, 'I see how it works! I feel it!' Then they will practice it for awhile and then… they quit. They feel it isn’t working or what they want should be there by now. Usually quitting happens right before a big breakthrough. So I suggest you take out your calendar right now and mark 40 days from today. Do this right now and vow to practice this work for 40 days before you move on. Command Form Manifestations are simple; we are talking about minutes a day to practice.




Overthink it.

  • This work is simple for a reason. The best tools you will ever have in life are simple, repeatable, clear, and powerful.


Entertain thoughts that you can’t have what you want.

  • Those thoughts are not helping you.

  • Adopt an attitude of 'you will,' the universe has your back, and it's your time now.


Let other people’s success or failures determine your creation.

  • What kills creation iscomparison to others.

  • What they are doing, whether you are perceiving it as good or bad, has nothing to do with you.


STOP. Don't you dare stop!

  • Don’t sell yourself short because you don’t think you have time, you need to get through the holidays first, or something came to your attention that needs a great deal of your emotional and time resources.

  • This work is simple. Keep going and stay in momentum with what you are creating.

Prep For Success

Chose one thing that you are manifesting right now. you can go back and do this again for something else you want to manifest later.

  • Write your answers in the present tense; as if it is real now.

  • Write as much as you can in the time allotted.

  • SPEND 7 minutes on each question, let the creativity pour out of you. Set a timer for each question and go!



What do you want?

Name it proudly.


Manifesting: my Soulmate, the perfect work or job, a Goddess body, time and resource freedom, better family relationships, flowing prosperity, daily happiness, a tribe to call my own.


Why do you want it?


Manifesting Happiness: My life is better because I am happy.

Manifesting Time Freedom: I have more time with my family.

Manifesting My Soulmate: I build my life with my match.


What does your life look like when you have it?

Manifesting Happiness: When I wake up every morning, I am excited. All of my responsibilities bring me joy, I am thriving in my life. Connecting with people is easy. People want to be around me because they can feel my happy vibe.

Manifesting Time Freedom: I spend time learning and playing with my dance skills. I don’t wake up to an alarm clock, I spend more time doing whatever I want because I have the time. I have all the time in the world to hang with my kids.

Manifesting My Soulmate: My soulmate and I build an amazing life together. We build a business and a family together. We complete each other in a healthy and outstanding way!


How does it feel when you have it?

Use feeling words/concepts/phrases that evoke emotion.


Love, Passion, Intuitive, Connection, Oneness, Bliss Illumination, Channeled, Transcendence Positive Expectations, Belief, Enthusiasm, Eagerness, Happiness, Joy, Knowledge, Empowerment, Freedom Strong Interest, Cheerfulness, Aesthetic, Action, Revelation, Creative, Open-hearted, Understanding Optimism, Hopefulness, Meaningful, Inspiring, Willingness, Empowered, Intention, Trusting, Reason, Released, Permitting, Feasible, Courage, Serenity of Beingness, Merciful, Harmonious, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Peace, Contentment,  Satisfied

Manifesting Happiness: When I manifest happiness it is like that feeling I get after a long bath. That look on my dogs face when he gets a marrowbone. Awesomeness.

Manifesting Time Freedom: When I manifest time freedom, I feel trusting, released, loved, and bliss.

Manifesting My Soulmate: When I manifest my soulmate, I feel like I am in a warm embrace.

Step Two


  • Form a statement about what you want to manifest. This is the command. We will address any resistance you have soon. So even if it brings up resistance, write the command anyway.

  • Write 1- 3 simple sentences that encapsulate what you want, why you want it and the feelings connected to it.

  • Get creative here, it doesn’t have to be exactly what you wrote in the steps before. The command needs to include to the essence of the questions you answered in Step1.

  • Write in present tense.



Manifesting Happiness Command: I am happy in every aspect of my life. When I connect with my life experiences my happiness grows. It feels just like that awesomeness when I get out of a warm bath.

Manifesting Time Freedom Command: I have more time with my family. I always have time to appreciate my surroundings and am never in a rush. My life is set up in a way that honors my inner divine timing.

Manifesting My Soulmate: I build my life with my match. I attract nourishing partners that help me grow into


The Practice

The more you repeat this command, the more you are calling it into existence. Here are the best ways to stay in the practice of Command Form Manifestations.

Mark your calendar for 40 days from now, practice this technique consistently for at least 40 days so you can see the big changes.

The power is in your repetition and engagement.

(We will get to dealing with resistance soon)

  • As soon as you wake up, set a timer for 5 minutes, repeat your command over and over. Command that which you want into existence.

  • Set a timer on your phone for a few times a day. Every time the timer goes off, repeat your command 5 times.

  • Write this Command down several pieces of paper and put them all around your living space so you can see them.  Keep it with you all day.

  • In a journal or file on your computer, write it down and speak it out loud 20 times per sitting.

  • Sit in meditation and repeat this Command in tune with deep breathing.

  • Make up your own way and engaging with this Command.

Step  4

Watch It Happen.


Pick 2 of these to incorporate into your life right now.

-Watch everything change around you; record the miracles big and small.

-Allow good things to come in and know you are worthy.

-Realize that there are no coincidences, just synchronicity. You are on the path.

-Go back to your Do’s and Don’ts to support you.

- Recalibrate as you move through your life; you will want to make little modifications to your Command. Do it quickly, and use your new Command as soon as possible.


Let me know how it is going! I love to hear from all of my students, email me at, subject line “Command.” If you do not use this subject line I might not catch your email.

BONUS: Resistance 

It's true that we can feel a wide range of emotions as we claim what we want. Major emotional resistance can show up in the creative process that blocks us up from being the master creatirxes and creators we are.

You can still manifest what you want even if you are feeling resistance. The point is to feel it and encourage it to pass. You do not have to let any fears, doubts, or low self-esteem drive your life.

Resistance is ultimately there to help us see or learn about something we are attached to or believing in that is slowing us down. It is actually a good thing to be aware of our resistance.

When Resistance Comes Up:

1. Acknowledge it, ignoring it won't make it go away.  

2. Ask yourself "How is this serving me?" Record your answer.

3. Ask yourself "Am I ready to let this go?" Record your answer.

4.  Expresses appreciation for this resistance as it is there to teach you something and that it is dissolving. "Thank you for showing me something I needed to see (or learn.) I claim today that this resistance is dissolving."


Other Tools For Resistance: 

  • Observe what is coming up for you. Don’t get too involved with it. Let it pass because it is your past coming up and trying to move through you.

  • If resistance comes up so strongly that you can not observe and are deeply triggered, feel it fully. Cry, scream, throw yourself a pity party to allow it to pass. THEN MOVE ON; DON’T STAY THERE.

  • Write down the resistances you feel and get them out of your mind.

  • Remind yourself that these feelings will pass and that they do not define you.

  • Seek out deeper coaching or therapy to help you with the pain.

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