Manifest Everything, Sister.

The time has come to let your true self out and you can feel it. You are at the brink of juicy exhilarating empowerment. The life you have always dreamed of is ready to be lived. You have the power to create your dreams by being exactly who you are. MANIFESTING AT YOUR WILL, cultivating FLOWING PROSPERITY, and Living in your magic is your birthright. Let's claim it.



Focussed Session

Sister, Let's take care of this now.

You have one big thing in your love life that needs attention. You want professional guidance and/or an intuitive energy reading on a current relationship. You need to get unstuck from a situation right now. 

This session is designed to get you:

Powerful Break Throughs

Crystal Clear Clarity

Focus on your power

Law of Attraction tools and knowledge to get you where you want to be.

A clear direction in attraction what you want and how to do it.


One Coaching and Energy reading/clearing session with Alexandra Loves.

One 90 minute session. 



Woke Woman 101


Study At Home With Live Group Coaching Support

Sister, Let us turn it around. What are you creating? Let's do it together using the powerful laws of the Universe and command the Laws of Attraction. 

Coming Soon.



Private Coaching