Love Attraction Coaching


 Sister, you are worthy of a love life that matches your dreams. Extraordinary love does exist and you have the power to create, to immerse yourself in it, to nourish your soul with it! Learn easy and practical techniques to attract love that is worthy of you. Design The Love Life You Want And Get It. Develop Unshakeable Confidence.  Attract High-Quality Partners. Find Your Soulmate. We bring out your best qualities so that you radiate sexiness.  You will learn how to draw in love with grace and ease.



Focussed Session

Sister, Let's take care of this now.

You have one big thing in your love life that needs attention. You want professional guidance and/or an intuitive energy reading on a current relationship. You need to get unstuck from someone right now. 

This session is designed to get you:

Powerful Break Throughs

Crystal Clear Clarity

Focus on your power

Law of Attraction tools and knowledge to get you where you want to be.

A clear direction in attraction what you want and how to do it.


One Coaching and Energy reading/clearing session with Alexandra Loves.

One 90 minute session.





Five Week Alignment

Sister, Law Of Attraction is abundant and it is here for you to wield. It is your time to find love

Put an end to relationships that go no where. Get UNSTUCK from patterns, Create a SAFETY NET in your love life. Attract High Caliber Partners that excite you!

This is for you if you are ready to get yourself on the path of a love life that makes your soul sing!


Love Life Transformation

The Soulmate Love Journey

Based on the work of Kathryn Alice.

Sister, You are a MAGNET FOR LOVE.

After this 9 week course is designed to align and ground  in the work of Love Guru Kathryn Alice. The exercises and techniques have created thousands of happy Soulmated couples.

Alexandra Lewis was a life saver for me!  She coached me through some of my most difficult issues and she did it with love and authentic connection. I really felt like Alexandra "got me" and was able to help me navigate my limiting beliefs because she herself has done the work.


 I love her energy and her passion for the work she does.  It's rare to find someone who comes from such a heart centered place and knows her stuff! So grateful she came into my life! 

-Michele Elder, Portland Oregon.