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Deep Dive Sessions and

Friends & Family (Low Cost)Sessions


What is challenging you, Sister?

Are you spinning in circles around this issue? Does it feel like you are beating a dead horse and can't move on? Did something happen that ripped you apart?

Let's go deep. There is nothing to be afraid of... the answers are within.


This is a 75 minute audio recorded session that you will receive an audio copy. This audio will serve you in continuing to find clarity for months to come.


We will work from the grounding that you can and will create anything that you want in your life; peace, love, prosperity, fun, happiness, etc.

We will set you on a clear and simple path to manifesting your desire.


Show up in truth and openness and you will experience clarity and  breakthroughs.


In this is a coaching session:

We will seed out the core of the issue at hand,  suss out any resistances attached, and clear them.

I will give you tools/practices to continue on with to get you solidly on the path to where you want to be.

Friends & Family (Low Cost)Sessions

I have made a few session a month available to those are ready to do this work but may not have a lot to invest. Please reserve these sessions for those who really need them.

It is best to come with ONE major issue/question you want to talk about. You will receive specific practices to help you further. Session not recorded.

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Private, One-On-One, 45-Minutes Sessions By Donation

These sessions are being offered for a short time while we are going through harsh times in our political and cultural climate.

These sessions offer support by receiving:
Reflection, Coaching, Grounding, Intuitive Reading And/Or Card Reading

If you are ready 1. Send a donation by PAYPAL or VENMO. 2. Receive scheduling link same evening.


Venmo: Alexandra-Lewis-15

Need More Details? Email

Enrollment is closed. Live Group Coaching for Woke Woman101 is in session. 


Juicy Love Life at home study course will be coming back in the summer!