Soulmate Track

Sister, you time is valuable. Your love is sweet. This program is for you if you are ready to transform now.



You will learn powerful and little-known techniques that will catapult you into an amazing Love Life.

I will show you how to make changes with ease in your life no matter how busy you are.

We will keep you on track towards your goals even when things get challenging.

All Coaching Packages are grounded in effective techniques and practices proven to have helped THOUSANDS find Great Love and their Soulmates. 

 We will define your Love Life intentions and goals, discover your resistance and blocks, release and dissolve what is holding you back, connect with what you want most in your Love Life, and I will shepherd you through the process of dating and manifesting  your goals. 


Program Benefits 

6 private sessions


Supportive Private Facebook Group

Marco Polo Check- Ins (Video Walkie Talkie)

I intend to guide you into finding the love within and show you how to return to that love with unwavering tenacity for the rest of your life. There is a solution to every problem. It is your birthright to love yourself.
— Alexandra Loves

Alexandra possesses a refined and perceptive intuition. She carries a deep wisdom, a sensitivity to others, and an infectious confidence that make her truly a rare treasure. I have found that her guidance to be consistently astute and fertile; her words frequently bring my life into sharper focus
— Jenna R.