This Weeks Affirmation

Say it out loud whenever you can. Write it on your mirror or in your journal.

"I am ready to move on from everything holding me back from love ." 


Welcome to the "Thriving Love Life Program!" I am so excited to get started with you! As you know this program is designed to be easy to incorporate into your life. All material is easy to listen to, download, or attend by phone. As a new member of the Alexandra Loves family, I am offering you a free ticket to out quarterly mixer in January.  Your name is on this list and details will follow.

*Currently everyone has booked their sessions for the next two months, email if you need to change a session time for now. We are changing booking hosts so the button on the "Book Sessions and Classes page currently doesn't work.*

What You Need:

1. A telephone. Support classes happen on the phone.

2. Access to a computer from time to time to get access to downloadable Group Support Classes when you can't make it. 

3. A journal or a secure file on your computer. Find a place to record notes or inspirations that come to mind as we work through this course. 

How It Works:

Private Sessions: You are responsible for booking your own sessions. If you need to cancel and rebook, you must do it at least 24 hours in advance. Do not miss your sessions; you don't get them back. You can book sessions on the "Book Sessions and Classes," the tab is above.

Group Support Classes, twice a month: This program is customized for you. For the schedule for Group Support Classes, just click the tab at the top of the page, "Book Sessions and Classes."  Classes are recorded and downloadable , so if you miss them, they are still available to you and they are yours forever. How To Attend Class: You will get a message with a Phone # and PIN for support classes.


Monthly Surveys, once a month: Support classes are designed for you; they supplement your private coaching.  Your feedback will enhance your own growth. Surveys will come to you by email. You do not have to fill them out however, you are encouraged to do so.

Bonuses: Extra support material that is helpful to current participants in this program. Many of you have asked about online group courses and other ways to work with me. On the bonus page, I will post a sample of one of the courses from time to time.


What Do I Get?

Invite a friend who joins this program and each of you get $15 off of the current month. Good for up to 3 friends meaning $45 off of your program! 


Refer them to my Contacts page to schedule a Free Consultation. Remind them to tell me who referred them.