What Do You Want?

Your highest life. Your greatest love. Your vibrant health. Your abundant prosperity. 

Why Isn't It Here?

Loneliness. Resentment. TRUAMA. Abandonment. SOCIETY/CULTURAL/FAMILY PRESSURE. Secrets. Shame. Lies. OVER-GIVING. Loss. Jealousy.FATIGUE. Distraction. Fear. Fear. FEAR.

My Friends,

You will know the POWER of your DREAMS. You will CREATE an extraordinary LIFE. You will TRANSMUTE your pain into GIFTS. You will COMMAND this life. You will INSPIRE others.

All is yours. No person, no thing can take this away from you. Your birthright is unshakeable. All is yours.

I know who you really are. I see your power, your divinity. I bow in humbleness to your journey. I am committed to my service to you.

Do not delay yourself. Let's take a look at your path. The answers are inside. We will get you there.  

Alex & UMKC 122.jpg

In ways both large and small, my quality of life and overall level of joy have been greatly impacted. She has been a guiding hand and offers many pearls of wisdom in times calm or stormy. Her kind way finely compliments the truth she perceives and the courage to tell you how she sees it. It’s as if she creates a dialogue with what would be the most honest and considerate reflection of yourself. In this way, she inspires me to be my best self, and for it, I will be forever grateful.