Group Coaching For Winter 2018 Is Called:

 "Woke Woman 101"


Did you know that you can manifest your deepest desires just by being you? I am here to help you create a life that you can live powerfully. I will help you tap into your unique magic that attracts all of the best experiences of life. 

It is time to awaken to who you really are.

You might feel that there is something bigger for you in this life. You might be ready to step into the Goddess, the Queen that you truly are but maybe you don't know how or it seems scary. 

Holding yourself back can cause your heart to suffer. It can keep you from manifesting your deepest desires. 

Most importantly, resisting your Divine Right to awaken to your own power can keep you in painful patterns for the duration of your life.

We are here to turn this experience around. Please ask yourself, Sister:

Why am I spending months and years watching my life pass by while suffering in survival mode?

How did I become afraid to engage fully every day and get stuck in these patterns?

How long do I want to stay where I am right now?


First, know that it is okay that you might feel like you are not "there" yet. There are so many reasons why you might be held back from being the Queen Creatrix that you truly are.

I was so stuck in every aspect of my life:

  • I was always looping around in unhealthy patterns in my relationships.

  • I was attached to my painful past and I could not let it go.

  • Every time I tried to get bigger in my life, I failed.

  • I felt like amazing things would never happen for me.

  • I was afraid to make big changes in my life by myself.

  • I was allowing others and society make me small.

It was incredibly hard for me to get up and face my life every day. Does this sound familiar?

Friend, I got WOKE. I took a deep dive into my own heart and confronted my soul. I made a decision to become the woman that I could feel I was inside!

I will admit, at first, I tried to do it alone. I read books, I took courses, and I went to spiritual gatherings. When I finally committed to working closely with coaches and healers, I started to fly.

I  changed everything, I did not  back down from my divine self and what I wanted to create.

Now I create my life with the empowerment of a Goddess.  I experience magic on the daily, and I play in sync with The Universe.

The more I am my glorious self, the better my life gets.

I command what I want from this life and all of the support I need to get that which I desire. It is my greatest pleasure to bring this knowledge and these skills to you.

Check out this testimonial:

" In ways both large and small, my quality of life and overall level of joy have been greatly impacted. She has been a guiding hand and offers many pearls of wisdom in times calm or stormy. Her kind way finely compliments the truth she perceives and the courage to tell you how she sees it. It’s as if she creates a dialogue with what would be the most honest and considerate reflection of yourself. In this way, she inspires me to be my best self, and for it, I will be forever grateful. ” - Ash.R

First, know that it is not too late for you to create tremendous success in your life no matter where you are now. 

Right now is the best time to awaken and get to know that Queen within. 

Imagine the freedom of living as YOU, unfiltered in every moment of every day.

Imagine your wants and needs being met consistently instead of surviving through the day.

Imagine interacting with lovers, coworkers, family, and friends without the stress of worry and low self esteem.

Imagine manifesting an extraordinary life that is by your design instead of living in a way that brings almost no satisfaction. 

Imagine yourself as a Master Manifestress commanding the magic of your exsistence!


There are so many reasons why we get disconnected from our own power to create.

Take a look around at the way women are portrayed in most media and magazines. 

We are made to feel less than, a failing project, or not enough. 

Even if we don't want to buy into these negative energies, it seems like very few of us are immune to the side effects of all this unsupportive noise around us.

I cannot tell you how many women spend the better part of their lives asking,

"What is wrong with me?"

This question leads to bad relationship patterns that are never ending, being misrepresented in work situations, backing down from boundaries and agreements, and saying "yes" when we should have said "no."

 We stop asking for what we need,we get desperate and compromise.We get programmed to shut down, unplug, and go to sleep. 

How can you expect to take the necessary leaps of faith  as a Woke Woman creating her life in this state?

This experience is traumatic on a soul level. It is shocking to me to see that multitudes of women allowing these experiences to govern months and years of their lives!

I claim for you and all my Sisters that this experience is over. It is dying out with every woman who decides to choose something better. 


Sister, the change starts within you. If you have made it this far, let's talk about Getting Woke and becoming a Woman who manifests her desires!


Woke Woman 101


January 20-April 30th

Spaces Limited

 Learn how to create the life you desire by being exactly who you are.

Start to solidly build a foundation for FREEDOM and catalyze your creation.

Empower yourself by learning using the magic and powers of the Universe.



Philosophy: In my own life and in guiding those I work with, I work from this knowledge:

  • This Universe is yours.

  • No person, no thing, can take your connection and ability to co-create with the Universe away from you.

  • Your birthright is to create and enjoy this life. 

  • All of your business is one dynamic spiritual journey; meaning your work, creativity, relationships, wealth, health, and so on. 


No Bullshit: Sisters, I won't fan smoke up your skirt. I will not miss a chance to call something out if I see that it will help you. You are worthy of a guide/coach that keeps it real at all times so that you can grow. I am respectful, graceful, and assertive in my coaching.

*Private Coaching: In addition to small group coaching. You will have access to weekly private coaching (details below.) This means you will have opportunities to connect with me 1-2 times, every week for three months.

Simplicity: I teach techniques that are powerful, proven and simple. I teach techniques that I use myself. Everything I bring you has been vetted for  quality and value.

Tribe/Community: Working with me means you become part of a tribe/community. I am committed to creating a Sisterhood of women who get what they want by being exactly who they are. I put out strong calls for women who come into my courses and communities. If you are in a course with me, you can expect a high vibration community to be with you, supporting you. 

*This is one of the bonuses,see below for details.


More Awesome Testimonials:

"Alexandra has a huge heart and is wise beyond her years. I feel she holds a high vision for me and my love life and wants the very best for me. In our talks, she is prepared and thorough. She has raised me to a new level of what I expect for myself." - Angela Carlson, Oregon

"Alexandra possesses a refined and perceptive intuition. She carries a deep wisdom, a sensitivity to others, and an infectious confidence that make her truly a rare treasure. I have found that her guidance to be consistently astute and fertile; her words frequently bring my life into sharper focus." -Jenna Reback, California


Yes. Yes. YAS QUEEN! 

You are a divine gift and divinely gifted, Goddess!

Good things come to those who create.

The greatest Creatrixes and Creators of all time are Woke. They have a practice of going deep within to know themselves and create upon their deepest desires aligned with their personal vision for their lives. When you learn to do this, The Universe/Source/God aligns with you.

What is true for one is true for another. You can have this.

It is time to put any voices that told you to slow down or quit into the fire. You were, are, and always have been worthy to completely let go of the past, no matter what it may be, and thoroughly enjoy your now. 

Turn away from just getting through your life. There is so much more.You were made to experience miracles that open up your journey to your biggest desires.


Alexandra Lewis was a life saver for me!  She coached me through some of my most difficult issues and she did it with love and authentic connection. I really felt like Alexandra "got me" and was able to help me navigate my limiting beliefs because she herself has done the work.


 I love her energy and her passion for the work she does.  It's rare to find someone who comes from such a heart centered place and knows her stuff! So grateful she came into my life! 

-Michele Elder, Portland Oregon.


Modules Are audio recordings delivered to you twice a month for the duration of the course. They are short lessens about 30 minutes each. 

Module 1

Emotional Guidance System

-First step in becoming a Woke Woman is reconnecting with your EGS aka your intuition. This is your first and most important compass for your life.

-Understanding the spectrum of emotions and energetics and using them to manifest real world things.

- Using presence intimacy to bring joy to every moment of your life.


Module 2

 Who You Are

- The Pleasure Catalogue. We use this exercise to determine your deepest desires, reasons for being here, clarity on the organic path for your life.

-Understanding your juicy relationship with The Universe to build your sense of security.

- Learning how to engage in your divine responsibility to lead your own life so you can thrive every day!


Module 3

 Your Magic

-Awakening the unique light within. This is getting Woke in a deeper sense. You came here with special powers that no one else has; you are unique. Harnessing this light, this magic is essential to creating upon your desires.

- Leveraging painful labels you may be associating with into power tools to create in a big way.


Module 4


-Getting clear on intentions for your life for now and later. 

-Creating focal points to direct your energy towards to make the journey of manifesting smoother and quicker.

- Commanding your energy as a Queen.


Module 5

Divine Support System

-Creating your Divine support system or forging a deeper connection with your support system is the best way to ensure you move seamlessly through your life.

-Introduction to psychic tools  for maintaining boundaries and filtering negative energy.

-Using real world objects and talismans to support  positivity and keep you on the journey.


Module 6

Sabotoge And Brian Tricks

-Recognizing brain loops and programmed sabotoge that keeps holding you back. 

-Preparation for taking the necessary big leaps and trust falls in your life so that you do not scare yourself into backing down from the best things you are creating.

-Creating a security plan for when you feel like  you wan to quit and so that you do not get out of touch with your powerful self.


Module 7


-Maneuvering  the physical world around you, including other people, to support your journey.

-Protecting everything you have created within yourself so that you continue to bloom.

-Practicing boundaries and agreements that are based in trust and integrity.


Group Coaching: Seven Group Coaching sessions that happen every other week. Sessions are 75 minutes or less.

You will be assigned your session times and dates soon after your enrollment*; it will be the same time slot every two weeks.  

Sessions are video chats and you will receive an AUDIO recording to keep after each session.

*Sessions happen on Sundays. 

Morning Sessions fall between10:30am-1:15 pm PST

Evening Sessions fall between 5:00pm- 8:30pm PST

You will be asked for your preference on the enrollment page. We ask that you set an intention to come to every single class. If you must miss, please do not to miss more than 2 sessions.


Modules: Seven Pre-recorded audios

Modules are less than 30 minutes each and downloadable, delivered to you in audio format once  every other week. You may listen to them at your own pace.


Private Facebook Group: Know your tribe. Connect with this Sisterhood of blooming women. The best nourishment you can give yourself is appreciating others. Growing together is the most powerful way to do this work.



BONUS 1Coaching Chat, Weekly Skype Office Hours.

Speak with me privately via SKYPE CHAT (not video.) Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 pm PST. This is where we can take a deeper dive if there is something you needed to say privately and solidifying  up your learning. For those who cannot make it to Office Hours, there are options to leave questions for me to answer.


BONUS 2: Customized Reflections (Mini Classes)

Downloadable 5-10 minute Classes.

In addition to the weekly courses delivered to you, you will receive bonus recordings that cover subjects that we talk about in group coaching. 


BONUS 3: MODULE, Calling Yourself In.

You will learn how to design a very specific call to your higher self to repeat as a mantra as often as you like.   




I Am Calling You In. 

Now Is The Time.

Get Ready.

I Got Your Back.

Enroll into Woke Woman 101 right now:



What does the Schedule look like?

1. Group Classes meet every other Sunday. These groups can be up to 5 people and are 75 minutes or less.

2. Skype Private Chat, Weekly. These are private coaching conversations. Tuesday's 6:30pm PST- 8:30pm PST *Skype is a free application.

3. Modules, Every Other Week. A prerecorded audio module is made available to you.

Our private Facebook Group will be available to you and anyone in the class at any time; I will drop in from time to time to support you there. I will send out bonus recordings for subjects that require deeper work. I always give more than I promise, so expect a few other goodies to boost your journey!

When are the group classes?

This course has a limit to 25 women. Your group classes will be no more than five people. Soon after enrollment you will be assigned a specific group. Your group will always meet at the same time every other week. Start dates are January 20th for some groups and January 28th for the other groups. You will receive a detailed schedule soon after enrollment. 

What if I miss a session?

It's okay life happens, we know that we are all busy. We ask that you do not enroll if you think you are going to miss more than 2 of the seven sessions. Ladies, this is very important work, you are highly encouraged to commit to all 7 sessions.

Do I have to come to weekly Skype Chat Coaching? How does it work?

Skype chat happens Tuesdays at 6:30-8:30 pm PST for all participants every week. This is a bonus feature of this course so that I can ensure your progress and give you extra support. Conversations are between you and me; they are private. Weekly Skype Chat Coaching is designed for focused questions and discussion. If you cannot make it on Tuesdays, you can leave your question(s) in a chat box on the app and I can answer it for you when I am holding Skype chat on Tuesday.

What I am working on something really specific like my love life or work; is this a good program for me? 

This is the best place for you to be. Everything that you will learn here applies to all aspects of your life. What you learn in the modules are tools, lessons, and skills that build a foundation for deliberately creating the type of life you want. The coaching and group sessions are open for you to talk about whatever you need. 

Are there payment installment options?

Yes, scroll up and check out the enrollment page.